Kids On Song

At Kids on Song it is important to us to provide each child that joins us an experience that will help their confidence and their love of singing grow.

As their time with us goes on we encourage them to extend the range and quality of their voice and develop a love for a variety of music genres.

As part of the Kids on Song family your child will grow in confidence and become more adept socially. He or she will also learn how to interact effectively with other children of a range of ages.

We work with children aged 7 to 12 years and our aim is to provide a fun and worthwhile choral experience without the hefty price tag!

Children singing

The benefits your child can gain...

Growing Confidence

As their abilities increase so will their confidence and creativity

Increased Social Interaction

You will notice better social interactions with peers and family members alike

Better Understanding

As they participate in the weekly sessions your child will develop a better understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of singing and music.

Developing appreciation of Music

As your child becomes more absorbed in the group their love of music and singing will grow.