We understand that you will have questions about what we do and what you can expect if your child joins us. We have gathered together a number of the most frequently asked questions and we hope this answers yours!


If you still have something you would like to ask please call us on 0417 387 900 or send us an email to info@kidsonsong.com.au 

Does my child need to be able to sing like an angel?

Absolutely not! We will teach all of the children techniques to help improve their tone and pitch in order to develop their skills. Any child is welcome to join us no matter their level of knowledge or experience. If they enjoy singing then Kids on Song is a great place for them to be!

What will my child learn?

We teach not only the practical aspect of singing but also the theory of music, enabling them to sight read music for themselves and becoming a more proficient singer and musician. They will also be introduced to a wide variety of genres adding to their overall appreciation of music and singing. As their knowledge and experiences grow so will their confidence. 

I have heard this kind of thing can be expensive, is it?

Our aim is to make our very special service available to any family who wants to get involved. We ensure affordability by keeping the cost as low as we can. Give us a call on 0417 387 900 and we will chat you through our fee structure. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

How often do you meet?

We get together once each week. We aim to deliver a performance every twelve weeks or so. 

My child is extremely shy but loves singing. Will they fit in?

The emphasis of the group is to have fun whilst enjoying the experience of singing as part of a group.  No child is ever made to do anything. Generally the children want to get more involved once they feel safe and secure.

How do we get involved?

You can call us on 0417 387 900 or

You can email us at info@kidsonsong.com.au

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